keith_totp (keith_totp) wrote,

"Good Morning America... How Are Ya"

AS Willie Nelson once said.

I'm in New York :-)

It's ace!

I'm staying here'

Which is possibly the coolest place ever :-)

It's a bit like an art gallery that lets you sleep in it's rooms and you can here people playing guitar as you walk past their rooms.

I was hanging around in reception earlier checking my e-mail on my new palm thing that I bought because $=foreign money and foreign money+ monopoly money, and ended up as an extra in a video for some band called Rooster.

As fr as I know they're a busted type that split up ages ago for being rubbish, still there's an art goblins badge in their latest video, keep your eyes peeled :-)

Apparantly I'm above We Are Scientists on the bill for my gigs, this both surprises me and makes me smile :-)

I'm off to meet the Chalets now and get boozed :-)


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